Only Six Degrees was founded on the belief that travel, both as an act and as an industry, holds the power to transform our world for the better. While the economics and impact of tourism touches almost every human alive, we are woefully short on the potential we have for true positive impact. 

Through catalyzing thought leadership, crafting and executing impact trips, and empowering communities to embrace the potency sustainable travel opportunities, we aim to help push the ecosystem of travel to reach its potential for positive social impact.



Gilad Goren is the founder and president of Raleigh & Drake, a travel/tech platform seeking to democratize the act of sharing and selling travel. The platform enables anyone to create and share their own travel guide to anywhere in the world in less than twenty minutes, for free. Any activity that is technically bookable will be made so in real time and in-app, with any commission earned split with the curator, and also including a donation to global micro-finance nonprofit and a complete carbon offset.

Gilad is also the founder and chairperson of Travel+SocialGood, the first global community aimed at propelling the travel industry to meet its potential for positive impact on a global scale, founded in partnership with the UN Foundation’s +SocialGood network.

As an impact consultant, Gilad has worked on building the impact identity for a diverse range of of travel, hospitality, and impact companies, including: Eaton (a LHG brand), Change Heroes and Group IST. He’s also produced and executed impact trips to three continents..

In partnership with big-wave pro-surfer and activist Easkey Britton, Gilad launched Sustain the Stoke as the first impact surf travel brand, producing epic trips that ‘happen to be’ impactful, directly empowering local communities as hosts and direct beneficiaries of immersive trips whose carbon foot-print is minimized and offset.

Gilad had the opportunity to push the message of travel and impact at the United Nations, the NY Times Travel Show, The DLD Cities Summit, and more. He has been published in the Guardian and featured on Vice media, and has contributed to several industry research and white papers. Gilad will be teaching on sustainable tourism at the NYU Tisch Center for Hospitality and Tourism in the spring of 2016. He holds an MA in Comparative history from Brandeis University and currently resides In New York City.


Jessemin Sage Sheyda-Losick

Managing Partner

Jessemin is a sustainable tourism specialist and adventure travel professional, with 12 years of experience planning, developing, and managing innovative travel programs across Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Jessemin manages OSD’s daily operations, driving quality, impact and sustainability across all programs and projects.

Jessemin is also a Senior Advisor to Sustainable Travel International, an international NGO working to improve the impact of the travel and tourism industry. Jessemin supports destination and business leaders as they embed sustainability best practice into their communities and operations. Jessemin has led integrated destination development projects with partners such as The World Bank, The Nature Conservancy, and the Organization of American States in destinations such as Kenya, India, Honduras, Nicaragua, Dominica, and Barbados.

Jessemin is also the Founder and Chairman of the Board at the Rustic Pathways Foundation, a 501(c)(3) devoted to supporting community development in rural destinations where Rustic Pathways operates.  Jessemin is also the Founder of Sage and Lee LLC, a boutique adventure travel company that designs and leads one unique adventure every year. 

Jessemin holds a Masters in Public Administration in Development Practice from Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs. When not developing unique travel experiences or working with destination leaders around the world, Jessemin enjoys surfing, photography and pick-up soccer.  He is currently based in San Francisco.