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In parts of rural Latin America, many families live in insecure homes with dirt floors, tin roofs, and limited ventilation. In many cases, serious security and health risks result from these living conditions. Most families lack the resources to improve their situation. In most cases, the community and the government also lack the resources to support these communities. There is a need for funding to build new homes for these families.


Techo is an established NGO that works to address the needs of the poor and underserved throughout Latin America. Change Heroes is a video-based fundraising platform that supports nonprofits such as Techo. Together with OSD, the project was to design and execute a pilot Impact Journey that would enable fundraisers to fund a home in El Salvador and then go build it. The goal was to establish a template for future Impact Journeys that will engage Millennials in changing the world around them.


Together, Change Heroes, Techo and OSD successfully launched and ran the pilot Impact Journey in El Salvador. Over $60,000 dollars was raised by 10 Change Heroes campaign runners, enough to fund 20 new homes in rural El Salvador. In December 2015 participants journeyed from Canada and the US to the rural community of Marvin. The participants joined over 100 local volunteers, and collectively built 20 homes over the course of the weekend. Participants then journeyed to a small beach town to recharge, reflect and determine how to carry this action forward in the future. A video produced from the pilot journey can be found here. Currently, OSD is working with Change Heroes and Techo to design and run a series of new Impact Journeys to Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and other destinations in Latin America that will result in over 200 new homes for families in 2016.