Arguably the world’s largest industry, Travel currently employs 1 in 11 globally, and will encompass 10% of Global GDP by 2020. Sadly, it is a massive space woefully short on its potential for positive impact. A critical root cause for this tragic status quo is a general of conversation and support for social innovation in the travel space.


Travel+SocialGood was launched two years ago in partnership with the UN Foundation’s +SocialGood Network as the first conference series and community dedicated to social innovation in the travel space.  After two successful global summits and a series of content sessions, Travel+SocialGood is now expanding its scope of impact by establishing a global network of innovation hubs, an online and physical academy focused on educational content in the travel and impact space, and an accelerator program for social ventures.


Travel+SocialGood is only 2 years old, and already on its path towards propelling the industry to meet its potential for positive impact on a global scale. The community is in the thousands, with press acknowledgement from The New York Times, Vice Media, Huffington Post, and more. Leading stake-holders in the industry such as Ritz Carlton, JetBlue Airways and Sabre are now involved in the network as well. Solutions generated by the second global summit are currently in the process of being implemented by members of the community. T+SG hubs are drawing roots in New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Tel Aviv, and elsewhere.